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One of our best selling clinic products is ‘Michael's Medi Rub’. We discovered this locally made (WA) little gem about 20 years ago. Since then we have always loved using this as part of our clients treatments and sell it here in our clinic.

Why do we love it? Because it contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients – Arnica and Eucalyptus oil.

Compared to other lubricants and massage products it might initially seem expensive, however a little amount goes a long way, making it good value in the long term.

As a physio, Michael's assists me to feel muscle/tendon tightness during my clients treatment and therefore is a very effective tool in rehab outcomes. It also has a relaxing fragrance unlike other products.

When demonstrating clients home exercises one word of caution which I have found out is not to touch the walls. Our cleaner has chastised me on many occasions for leaving oil marks in my treatment room. Also never scratch your eyes as it will bring tears to your eyes, that's another thing I have experienced to my detriment!!

Not every one likes an oil based massage product so with this in mind we now stock ‘Fisiocrem’ another massage product. Again this contains natural ingredients Arnica-Hypericum and Calendula. This product is aimed towards easing muscular aches and pains. Overall initially very affordable . Therefore we cater for both ends of the massage products. Both of these products are available to see and trial in out clinic.

- Craig