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Embracing Exercise in the Cooler Months!

This month hear about the tips and tricks to keep you moving during the cooler months of the year. We are about to enter spring…but there are still quite a few cooler weeks to come in this part of the world. Read on to find out what your favourite physios have to offer in terms of keeping motivated:

CRAIG: Seasonal ideas for exercise

Winter is a season where the weather generally worsens so going out at night to exercise is hard.

Therefore the best advice I can give is to try not to leave exercising until after work. By then you have done a full day’s work probably not eaten so energy levels are low. Overall with all these factors it’s too easy to come up with an excuse not to go out to exercise.

My other advice is to get into a routine or train with a partner. You might want to skip a training event but your partner might not and vice versa.

However there are die-hards that don’t have a problem exercising during winter which one are you??

Personally I like to join in with my Pilates group at least 2 x per week. Unfortunately due to recent ankle surgery my Pilates has been curtailed somewhat. Recently though I have started instructing a Pilates class. This is motivating me to concentrate on improving my ankle strength. Certain exercises are much more difficult that before.

My other winter routine is to run every Sunday doing x/country. I have always been a runner so need an event to motivate me to exercise. If I know that every week I have an X/Country run then this gives me incentive to train. Therefore I will try to get in a few runs 4-6km during the week.

Currently though I am only up to walking around the X/Country course. I have set myself a target to do a 13km hilly walk before winter ends. Therefore setting yourself a goal helps.

Best wishes


TARYN: Exercise in Winter

You know that gym membership you signed up for and forgot about? Use it! If you are lucky enough to have a gym membership this is an excellent way to be able to exercise in winter, with classes running round the clock there is bound to be a class that suits you and your needs. Or if classes aren’t your thing and you’re tired of your program, perhaps think about booking a session with a personal trainer to write you a fresh new program to enhance your motivation to exercise when it’s cold and grey outside.

Also buying yourself a fresh new exercise outfit for winter can just add that nice touch to get you feeling in the mood to exercise, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most department stores these days have exercise gear to give those expensive brands a run for their money!

It might seem contrary to a blog about exercising in winter but not every day is a rainy and windy day so maximise the days where the sun is shining and get out and do some exercise while you can. Breathe in that fresh air and get some vitamin D and you won’t be feeling the “I need to exercise” guilt when that rainy day comes around again.


EMILY: Embrace the cooler weather!

Darker mornings and darker nights really mess with my personal schedule for exercise so I am sure all of you are faced with the need to think outside the box to make exercise happen during the cooler months. My biggest piece of advice is to re-frame how you think about winter. Aim to see the cooler months as an opportunity to exercise or train in a different way. Embrace the coolness of the weather and celebrate the invigorating, refreshing feeling of being outdoors in the winter weather.

This year I have put on my old running shoes (so that I don’t wreck my good ones) and I have come to enjoy the feeling of rain on my face when I am outside. So don’t worry about a bit of mud or rain, embrace the elements and enjoy the free exfoliation treatment!! The other thing that has kept me motivated this winter has been a lovely birthday present that I received in April. My very first running watch has been a great motivation and has helped me keep track of the different things I have done in my training.


  • Timing: squeeze in a training session at a different time of day than usual.
  • Training goals: work on increasing pace or work rate while it is not so hot (also saves time to squeeze in the exercise before it gets dark)
  • Equipment: bribe yourself with some new socks, headphones or a watch!!
  • Talk about it: Discuss training and exercise ideas with other people. You might get some good ideas and some encouragement.
  • Try something different: The pool is always a great option whatever the season. You could even join a new club!

Embrace the cool weather!

Emily : )