Our Style Of Physiotherapy

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Our unique style is that we spend time with our customers. At Shiel Family Physiotherapy we spend 1 hour to assess each person individually and thoroughly as this forms the basis of effective physiotherapy treatment.

Once an assessment has been completed, we discuss a treatment plan and specific goals with every patient. This is done in every collaboration between physiotherapist and patient.

Our treatment sessions are 30minutes or 45minutes according to clinical need. We also offer 1 hour classes and 1 hour clinical pilates sessions as part of assisting you to remain healthy.

Clinical pilates is at the core of how we work. To find out more about clinical pilates click here. We believe that without core strength many musculoskeletal issues will not be fully resolved in the long term.

With all our clinical interventions we avoid a ‘band aid’ fix and do not provide a short term approach. We love the fact we establish a long term relationship with our clients. This is possible because we provide education about your condition and we assist you to put in place the necessary tools to manage your health.

While our clinical staff have advanced and post-graduate physiotherapy knowledge, we will never assume that we know everything! There may be times when physiotherapy is not the best solution for you. In those situations we are happy to liaise with other health professionals on your behalf.

Shiel family physiotherapy is a fun and friendly place to look after your health. We absolutely love working with pro-active people who have a desire to optimize their physical health.